A Musical Journey from Italy to the World

Antonio Artese, an Italian pianist and composer, is celebrated across Europe and the U.S. for his captivating performances. Trained at early age by Maestro Massimo Marzi and Bianca Maria Orlando in Rome, and the renowned romantic virtuoso Sergio Fiorentino in Naples, Artese’s talent is undeniable. His prowess at the keyboard led him to win the prestigious First Prize at the Rachmaninov International Piano Competition in 1985, followed by an accolade from the Performing Arts Scholarship Foundation in 1992 in Santa Barbara.

Academic Pursuits and Philosophical Inquiries

Artese’s academic achievements are as impressive as his musical ones. He graduated with a diploma in piano performance from the Conservatorio “Santa Cecilia” in Rome in 1983. His intellectual curiosity then led him to the University of Chieti, Italy, where he delved into Theoretical Philosophy, earning a laureate magna cum laude in 1986.
He furthered his studies in musicology at the University of Bologna between 1987 and 1991. In 2000, he was awarded a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Piano Performance from the University of California at Santa Barbara, under the guidance of Peter Yazbeck and Paul Berkowitz.

A Versatile Musical Career

Beyond the classical realm, Artese has made significant strides as a composer and arranger. His discography includes albums like “Italian Sketches” and “Live in Santa Barbara,” showcasing his versatility in jazz and classical music. His collaborative album “Voyage” in 2019, featuring a blend of jazz talents, highlights his skill in creating engaging musical conversations.  

In his most recent CD project, “TWO WORLDS,” Antonio Artese has garnered acclaim for its distinctive voice, rich tonal quality, and melodic approach. This project reflects a modern jazz style deeply influenced by the legendary Bill Evans and the evocative soundscapes of Northern Europe, showcasing Artese’s innovative fusion of genres and his exceptional musicality.

Artese’s performances have graced stages across Europe and the USA, bringing his unique musical vision to a global audience. He is a staunch advocate for the arts, having founded music festivals in Italy such as the Festival Adriatico delle Musiche, Cryptic Music in Florence, and the Adriatic Chamber Music Festival, among others.

Innovations and Artistic Leadership

In 2014, Artese premiered “Mysterium,” a pioneering multi-sensorial performance that redefined the concert experience with its innovative use of scent-scapes. As the Artistic Director of the Florentia Consort, he continues to foster musical talent and creativity. His recent initiative, the “ARGIANO BAROQUE MUSIC FESTIVAL,” launched to acclaim in 2021, further cements his role as a visionary in the music world.

Shaping the Future of Music

In 2017, Artese took on the role of Dean of Global Academic Programs at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana in Siena, Italy, shaping the next generation of musicians. His journey reflects a blend of profound musical talent, academic excellence, and innovative artistic direction, making Antonio Artese a distinguished figure in the international music scene.